Is this a legal store?

Yes. Ameri was the second legal retail cannabis store to open in Toronto and, as such, must follow the strict regulations set by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Look for the legal authorization posted at our store.



Do I need ID?

Yes, you must be 19+ to enter any legal cannabis store in Ontario and we require a valid government issued photo ID showing your birthdate, such as a driver’s license, Ontario photo ID card or passport. Our security will not allow entrance without this proof of age.  This also means you may not bring a minor into the store, even under your supervision.  At Ameri we take extra care in protecting youth from accessing cannabis products and otherwise following the law in all respects.



Do you offer refunds?

All products are sealed by the manufacturer.  Unfortunately provincial regulations mean that all sales must be final, although vape products (such as 510 threaded cartridges that are found faulty or dead on opening) may be refunded within ten days of purchase at the discretion of the manager.  In rare instances merchandise may turn out to be "empty packaging," a manufacturer’s issue over which we have no control.  These products cannot be refunded once they have left the premises. If you later have an issue with a product, please locate the contact information on the product packaging and contact the manufacturer directly.



Do you stock all products available on the OCS website?

No, at Ameri we do the screening for you and only offer what in our expert opinion are the best quality products or those deemed great value for your money.  The products may vary from time to time, since we curate new orders every week.



Are there long waits or lines?

The design and layout of our store encourages customers to linger in order to spend time consulting with our knowledgeable staff, while simultaneously ensuring prompt service at our many cash registers as soon as you are ready for purchase.  Our experience since opening has led to adjustments in staffing levels to minimize the possibilities of delays or waits.  On most days and at most times you can be in and out within minutes.


Can I roll or smoke on premises?

No. Unfortunately current provincial rules and regulations do not allow any of these actions to take place within a retail cannabis store setting.



Where can I smoke products I have purchased?

To put it simply, you can smoke cannabis anywhere you can legally smoke a cigarette or vape (except in a motor vehicle).  We encourage you to check for smoking restriction signs in public spaces and to consult with your landlord about rules in your home. Smoking or vaping indoors is banned in all public use places in Ontario. For more information on where you can or cannot consume cannabis in Ontario, please visit www.ontario.ca/page/cannabis-laws#section-2



Where can I find more information about cannabis?

By far the best place to get advice is at our retail store which is staffed by our educated experts who can give personal assistance.  On-line resources include www.canada.ca/en/services/health/campaigns/cannabis.html



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